May 22, 2024

A Guide to Find the Perfect Kitchen to Rent in London

Outline Your Kitchen Requirements

Before searching for your perfect kitchen, it is essential to imagine what the kitchen would be like for you, your team and your brand. Taking the time to define your requirements and outline what you need for your food business is crucial to starting on the right foot. Consider the factors like the size and location, amenities, your budget, and equipment. Having a list of your preferred options will allow you to narrow down choices, have clear goals, and find a space that aligns with your culinary vision. 

Research Availability 

Researching potential kitchen spaces is the next step once you’ve outlined your requirements and needs. Oya Kitchens simplifies the process of finding, booking, and overseeing vacant or underutilised food service venues throughout London and the UK. Our marketplace helps you explore various available properties, from dark kitchens, central production units, central production kitchens, to pub residencies and pop-ups. You can find details on location, pricing, availability, and facilities offered all in one place. Once you find a space that fits your needs, you can request a booking directly and begin viewing.

Visit Potential Spaces 

You will only know if a place is right for you once you see it yourself. Visiting potential locations and getting a feel for the space allows you to get a better idea if its suitable for your operations or not. Scheduling a viewing for a space will enable you to note the kitchen’s size, layout, ventilation, cleanliness, and overall condition.

Kitchen Accessibility and Location

Accessibility and location are key factors when finding the perfect kitchen space. Make sure to consider the proximity to your suppliers, means of transportation, delivery radius and other critical distribution points. With the boom in the food delivery industry, having a centrally located kitchen space can provide access for customer pickup, catering events, and delivery companies like Uber Eats and Deliveroo. Choosing the right location for your target market is vital to ensuring your brand can thrive. 


Compliance with health, safety, and food regulations ensures your kitchen follows guidelines and remains a healthy and safe work environment. Familiarising yourself with laws, food hygiene standards, and licensing requirements is crucial. Verify that the kitchen space you choose meets any legal obligations to operate your culinary businesses successfully. 

Kitchen Equipment & Facilities 

You may find a kitchen in the perfect location, but you still need to ensure that the proper equipment and facilities are in place for the food businesses you manage. When looking at kitchen rentals, evaluate the quality and condition of the equipment included in the lease, such as stovetops, ovens, refrigeration, and preparation stations. Additionally, determine whether the kitchen is equipped for the kinds of business you run and whether access to certain facilities is necessary. Asking questions about any necessary accommodations or the possibility of bringing in your own equipment is key.

Terms and Agreements

Before signing a licence to occupy, carefully evaluate the terms offered by the kitchen space. Additionally, consider major factors like contract duration, budget, and deposit requirements so that they align with your business plans and finance. A flexible and transparent agreement will provide peace of mind as you work to grow your food business. Oya Kitchen’s model reduces much of the stress and large overheads for growing food businesses, making it easier for you to find your perfect kitchen space. We take care of contracts and a lot of the admin so that you can focus on your business and get cooking.

Finding the right kitchen to rent in London or across the UK means careful research, flexibility, and consideration of the factors outlined above. Defining your requirements and visiting spaces, as well as considering accessibility, can streamline the process of finding the perfect kitchen for your business. 

Searching for a new space? Check out Oya Kitchens marketplace to find the perfect kitchen to rent or licence in a city near you!