March 19, 2024

How Dark Kitchens are influencing the food industry

What is a Dark Kitchen?

Dark Kitchens, also known as ghost kitchens, cloud kitchens, or virtual kitchens, represent a paradigm shift in how food is prepared and delivered. Unlike your typical restaurant set-up, these kitchens focus solely on online orders, eliminating the need for dine-in space. This approach significantly reduces overhead costs and optimises operations for delivery efficiency. The European (including the UK) Dark Kitchen market was valued at $872 billion in 2023 and is on a trajectory to reach $2245 billion by 2028.

Traditionally, the food industry relied heavily on brick-and-mortar establishments, facing challenges like lengthy commercial leases and substantial upfront and overhead costs which can stifle business growth. Many dark kitchens offer short term leases, sometimes as short as six months and most are pre-fitted with a basic kitchen set-up. The UK has experienced a notable surge in food delivery options by 45% (40% in London), underscoring the dynamic change within the food industry which dark kitchens are uniquely positioned to serve.

Dark Kitchen Revenue & Business Growth

Thousands of these types of kitchens operate across the UK, primarily in London, with online orders and deliveries via food delivery apps now accounting for around 30% of sales in the food industry. This shift has led to an increase in dark kitchen revenue, offering a lucrative opportunity for both new and established businesses. By offering an alternative to the traditional model, dark kitchens allow businesses to thrive in a dynamic and competitive market, reducing costs and allowing them to trial areas or concepts before committing to longer-term leases.

Environmental Impact of Dark Kitchens

Beyond business benefits, dark kitchens minimise the environmental impact of building large, single purpose kitchens, aligning with the global trend towards eco-friendly practices in the business world. Furthermore, these businesses availing of these types of kitchens can reduce energy consumption and minimise food waste due to more accurate demand forecasting and inventory management.

So, Who are Oya Kitchens?

Oya Kitchens is a marketplace primarily for dark kitchens, production units, and pub & bar residencies. Our unique platform serves the interests of both property owners, food brands, caterers and chefs, creating a symbiotic relationship that maximises the utility of idle commercial kitchen spaces.

From the initial viewing and booking to check-out, our platform takes care of the entire journey. We go beyond the basics, helping businesses manage payments, deposits, and the intricate licence/insurance processes, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations rather than getting bogged down by administrative complexities.

By leveraging our platform, businesses can embrace a more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable approach to their kitchen space needs. The future of food is here, and it's a future where innovation meets practicality, and dark kitchens are at the forefront of this culinary evolution.

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