July 4, 2024

Oya Kitchens vs. Traditional Real Estate Agencies

1. Industry Expertise

Oya Kitchens: Specialises solely in food service property management, understanding the unique requirements of kitchen spaces for residencies, delivery kitchens, production units, and takeaways. This specialised knowledge ensures tailored solutions that optimise property potential.

Traditional Real Estate Agencies: While experienced in general property management, they may lack specific insights into food service regulations and operational needs, potentially impacting tenant matches and operational efficiency.

2. Comprehensive Customer Support

Oya Kitchens: Prioritises exceptional customer support throughout the licensing journey, promptly addressing inquiries, issues, and maintenance needs to foster a positive renting experience. We also offer various levels of marketing support to help maximise your kitchen space's visibility and success.

Traditional Real Estate Agencies: Offer varying levels of customer support, which may not consistently meet the specialised needs of kitchen space hosts.  Additionally, these different levels of support often come with increasing costs.

3. Transparent Fees

Oya Kitchens: Maintains a clear fee structure covering comprehensive management services, ensuring hosts understand the costs involved upfront, from marketing to regulatory compliance.

Traditional Real Estate Agencies: Often charge commission-based fees that may not align perfectly with the specific needs and expectations of kitchen space hosts.


Choosing Oya Kitchens over traditional real estate agencies empowers hosts with industry knowledge, personalised service, transparent fees, and dedicated customer support tailored to maximise kitchen space investments.

If you’re a host looking to optimise your property’s potential in London, create an account with Oya Kitchens and get a free evaluation from our team!