March 27, 2024

Rent My Pub Kitchen: Boost Profits & Efficiency

Reduce Your Costs 

Running an in-house kitchen involves a lot of additional costs and expenses to your business. From staffing and maintenance to inventory, equipment, and utilities, your operational costs skyrocket without utilising the opportunity to hand off these stresses to an external operator. By renting your kitchen, the majority of running costs will be assumed by the external food vendor. With kitchen costs absorbed by the operator, your venue can focus its intentions on generating other revenue through wet-sales and events, furthering the success of your business. 

Increased Revenue 

Renting out your kitchen provides an additional source of revenue. Without the costs of operating the kitchen, and reduced costs of maintenance, your venue can earn rental income. Without investments in marketing, food production, or staffing the kitchen, your venue will be in the best position to make a profit with limited financial commitments. Optimising profit via existing equipment and kitchen space, little investment is necessary to make substantial increases in your revenue. 

Risk Management


From health and safety issues to reputational damage, risks are inevitable when operating your own in-house kitchens. When partnering with an external operator, the risks can be absorbed by an outside source, lessening the stress of these potential issues when managing your kitchen. Outside food vendors can ensure that your space follows health and safety regulations, in addition to maintaining business standards and upholding measures of quality control. If the food vendor does not hold up their end of the bargain, then you are in a position to end the partnership.

Focus on Core Business

With responsibilities for the kitchen space left to the external operators, business owners have the time and energy to focus on the main business operations and wet-sales for their venue. Entrusting the operators to manage the kitchen tasks, you can focus your attention on core administration duties from customer experiences to hospitality, and event management. Alleviating the complexities of running a kitchen allows your venue to deliver exceptional experiences and services to your customers.

Flexibility and Collaboration 

Innovation and flexibility are unexpected benefits of renting your kitchen to an external vendor. External operators can find short-term leases and contracts that allow for increased flexibility when adapting to changing market dynamics and customer preferences. Restrictive long-term contracts can be replaced with shorter leases that allow for the agility needed to meet the goals and needs of your venue. Rotating resident chefs in your kitchen space can introduce different cuisines, menus, dining formats, and even themed events to your venue. Fresh and experimental options within your kitchen would enhance your venue’s dining offerings, drawing in a wider range of customers. Renting out your kitchen allows your venture to adapt to industry trends and cater to evolving customer tastes. 

Renting your kitchen to an external operator promotes mutual partnerships with local chefs, caterers, bakers, and food entrepreneurs. Innovation fueled by a range of local culinary talent contributes to the continuation of the food industry. By renting to an outside food vendor, venues are expanding their connections in the food industry while contributing to a more vibrant and diverse community of culinary professionals. 


Renting out kitchen space to external food vendors presents your venue with a great opportunity to boost profits, limit risk, and remain focused on improving the main aspects of your business. Oya Kitchens is a marketplace specialising in pub & bar residencies, dark kitchens, production units, and pop-up’s. Our platform caters to the needs of both food brands and venue owners, allowing for both parties to partner and optimise the use of dormant commercial kitchen spaces. 

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